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32 G • Monitoring POCT Compliance . . . Total of 2-hours in: Management • Supervision (renewal)


Lab Area:  Supervision Administration  (renewal)


  ► EXPIRES on:  Jan. 31, 2023


This course meets the following RENEWAL requirements:  

  • Florida’s 1-hour minimum requirement
  • ASCP’s  2-points (towards the 10-point minimum) requirement for those licensed as a DLM


  • ASCP's remaining points in other lab area interest, for non-DLM licensees
  • Other national and/or state license needs


This course discusses how tests are classified as those for point-of-care testing (POCT), the role of the Federal government regarding POCT regulation, examples of additional requirements often imposed by individual states, essentials of POCT compliance, features of data management systems for tracking operator competencies, managing consumables, and status monitoring. 


Article used:  “Monitoring Point-of-Care Testing Compliance”, by Camacho-Ryan and Bertholf, in CLN, (6 pages).  


Total of 2-hours 2-points in:

  • Supervision  Management (renewal)

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