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40-G ► FL • 8- Areas + M.E.A.L.S. Combo (2020) : ** Total of 25-hours in: 12 Lab Areas



12  Lab Areas:   Medical Errors ;  

                        AIDS  HIV (HIV) ;  

                        Laws + CLP Board Rules ;  

                        Supervision  Management (renewal) 


  these 8 specialties:  Hematology ;  

                               Serology (Immunology) ;  

                                Immunohematology ;  

                                Blood Banking (Florida's Donor Processing) ;  

                                      Chemistry ;  

                                     Blood Gases ;  

                                     Microbiology ;  

                                Molecular Pathology (ASCP's Molecular Biology)


 ► EXPIRES on:  Jan. 31, 2021


This course meets the following RENEWAL requirements:

  • Florida’s 24-hour total minimum covering ALL 12 areas above (for those licensed in any of the 8 specialties listed above)
  • ASCP's 2-point minimum requirement in 5 of the 12 areas above + remaining points in other lab areas of interest
  • Other national and/or state license needs


NEW Book:  Medical Lab Science Review (NEW 5th edition), by Harr, 2019.  This utilizes a question & answer format & also includes photomicrographs (563 pages).


1  Booklet (containing the 3 articles + questions to answer): 

  • “Lab Medical Errors”, by Florida Excell, Inc., 2015
  • “HIV Testing In the United States" by CDC and the Henry Kaiser Family   Foundation”, (June, 2018)
  • “FL  Laws  +  CLP  Board  Rules (2020)", by Florida Excell, Inc. 2019   

 (This booklet = 72 pages in total)​

 * *  To view the details of the individual courses listed above, scroll to the bottom of the page. 


Total of 25-hours / 25-points in:

  • 2-hours Medical Errors
  • 1-hour AIDS • HIV
  • 1-hour Laws + CLP Board Rules 
  • 1-hour Supervision • Administration (renewal)
  • 3-hours in Hematology
  • 3-hours in Serology (Immunology)
  • 4-hours in Immunohematology (ASCP's Blood Banking)
  • 1-hour in Blood Banking (Florida's Donor Processing)
  • 4-hours in Chemistry
  • 1-hour in Blood Gases
  • 3-hour in Microbiology
  • 1-hour in Molecular Pathology (ASCP's Molecular Biology)

 ►  Entire  PACKAGE  includes:  

  Reading  Material (article or text book) + Booklet of Questions + 1  "WORK" Sheet (for you to answer your questions on AND submit for grading)

  ►  "WORKSheet  includes:  1  sheet for you to answer your questions on, AND submit for grading.

  * * Each person NEEDS THEIR OWN individually pre-numbered sheet  * * 


  ►  A booklet of questions includes:  only the questions for this course . . nothing else. 

 SAVINGS ALERT:  IF the above are ordered separately, your cost = $162.00; ordering this combo saves you $27.00


     The Medical Errors section includes the incidence of laboratory errors, error reduction, root cause analysis, error prevention, and patient safety as it relates to the practice of clinical laboratory personnel.

     The AIDS HIV section includes the updated recommendations (from the U.S. Dept of HHS, the CDC, and the ACA), discussion of mandatory testing, benefits of more frequent testing, and the supporting role of most insurance companies.

     The Laws + Board Rules (Clinical Lab)  and  Supervision  Administration (renewal) sections are as follows:        

  Florida Statute, Chapter 483, Part III, addresses the general policy, purpose, definitions, creation of the Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel (CLP), powers of the Board to collect fees, institute licensure, approve training programs, and levy disciplinary action, and penalties. 

  The Rules enacted by the Board of Clinical Laboratory Personnel, as Chapter 64B3, (1-13), address the specific (amended and/or pertinentorganizations, definitions (in regard to laboratories and personnel), approved training programs, training registration, licensure, examinations, renewal and reactivation of licensure and inactive status, fees, scope of practice, continuing education, discipline (including penalties and revocation of licensure) and responsibilities.  Although only the amended and/or pertinentchapters are discussed in this course, all chapters, titles and rule are accessible at: https://www.flrules.org/Gateway/Organizations.asp?OrgNo=64b3.  Department of Health General Continuing Education Rule 64B-5.002 address the Responsibility of the Continuing Education Providers and Licensees, and is accessible at: https://www.flrules.org/gateway/RuleNo.asp?ID=64B-5.002.

     The  8  Specialties section includes identifying the correct answers to questions concerning both practical and theoretical knowledge of the following areas in Medical Laboratory Science:  
  • Hematology,  
  • Serology (Immunology),  
  • Immunohematology (ASCP's Blood Banking),  
  • Blood Banking (Florida's Donor Processing),   
  • Chemistry,  
  • Blood Gases,  
  • Microbiology,  
  • Molecular Pathology (ASCP's Molecular Biology).