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30 D-OL ► ONLINE ◄ Anabolic Steroid Abuse & Male Infertility = 2 hours in: Andrology



Lab Area:  Andrology

  EXPIRES on:  Jan. 31, 2021




This course meets the following RENEWAL requirements:  

  • Florida’s 1-hour minimum requirement
  • ASCP's  remaining points in other lab area interest requirement
  • Other national and/or state license needs


This course discusses epidemiology of anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) use, the physiopathology of testosterone, potency levels of AAS, and consequences of long-term AAS use (including infertility and withdrawal symptoms). 


Article used: "Anabolic Steroids Abuse & Male Infertility”, by El Osta, et al., in Basic and Clinical Andrology, 2016  (6 pages).


Total of 2-hours 2-points in:

  • Andrology


  N O T E:  This IS an ONLINE course for $15.00, which includes:  

  • The above article + the quiz (via the e-mailed access link)  &  immediately print the Certificate of Completion (upon scoring 70% or greater).