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05 Q ► E-BOOK Course !◄ (Part • Q) . . . • Total of 12-hours in 2 Lab Areas

►  Please Note:  This is the "E-BOOK" version, and is NON-RETURNABLE. 


To order the "Physical Book" version OR the Online Quizzes Only,            click the link below:                                                                                       https://floridaexcell.com/Product/05-q-lab-topics-part-q-total-of-12-hours-in-2-lab-areas

2  Lab Areas:  Hematology ;  

                          Serology (Immunology)  


► This course EXPIRES (MUST be completed by) 11:55pm (ET) on 

       Aug. 30, 2024


This course meets the following RENEWAL requirements: 

  • Florida’s 1-hour minimum in each of the 2 areas above
  • ASCP’s 2-points minimum in Hematology + remaining points in other lab areas of interest 
  • Other national and/or state license needs


e-Book used:  Medical Laboratory Science Review, (5th edition), by Robert R. Harr.  This utilizes a question & answer format & also includes  photomicrographs.  (583 pages)

► NOTE:  You will receive an e-mail with a specific access code to view the e-BOOK.


Total of 12-hours 12-points:

  • 8 in Hematology
  • 4 in Serology (Immunology) 

►  Please Note the OPTION  Below: 


► E-PACKAGE NOW includes

    (1) e-mail with (1) attachment + (1) access code with IMMEDIATE access         to the e-BOOK; sent to the HOME e-mail address listed on order:

• attachment has the printable questions (to work off-line), + the link, (with intructions), to the ONLINE Quiz.                

   ►► Check spam & trash folders at 9am or 9pm (Eastern), for the above                e-mail. 

     Priced at . . $ 81

• ALL Certificates will NOW be available for you to print save upon achieving a          passing score (70% or more) •